Half a kilometer from the village there is a set of unique rock art, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. It is a stone mound that rises to the edge of the road, and that it conserves engravings and images Painted, made at different times. Everything seems to indicate that we are a sacred space, destined for the worship of fertility.
La Roca dels Moros del Cogul is located in a territory full of rock art witnesses and is the ambassador of what we know as Levantine art within the Neolithic horizon, and with a narrow way of life in relation to landscape Those men and women have recorded their landscape painted and engraved on stones. The balm is a natural shelter formed by a block of sandy stone lying on the part of the mountain, located on the corner of the River Set, a tributary of the Segre. The pictorial set is made up of 42 painted figures and 260 elements engraved on the rock of Iberian and Latin epigraphy.

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